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Our Love Is Imagined

by rachele eve

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black magic 04:23
we fled to Reedsburg to the bottom of a ridge where elms lay there dying like the ocean's swallowed ships wild turkeys woke us, the stars screamed out at night I saw you on that hilltop and you saw me in the light in your empty attic hung a floating tv behind its awful static played a vision of our dreams I was chasing your love, you were chasing me our heads lay by the fire, but our hunger rose from our feet I could feel the wind blue-blowing from the west like the mystery of you I'll move on I could feel the wind blue-blowing you away but I followed you to Reedsburg and I intended to stay so I hid in the garden like a buddha unseen scattered all around me, shells of the Marshallese black magic on the grave of our winded love could you feel that wind blue-blowing you away could you feel that wind begging you to stay oh I could feel that wind blowing you away I could feel that black magic on our grave
o'brien 04:22
morphine, knives, and your cigarettes you will carry your fatigue though you try to run from the draft you fled to the border, tucked away "this is your country, your life blood, your story" "the hand that feeds will also take a life" you watch him bleed before he dies in the field he cries for life he cries to his son and he speaks to his ghost "hello, goodbye" and as his life blood drains the story of his country stays the same who will prepare his ghost? now you sleep with it day and night all you read, you write, is war now you sleep with it day and night who will prepare your ghost?
your tattooed back my tattooed neck we invite the gods on our skin then threw faith into the wind your skin had saved me but your skin now kills me and I carry this weight oh I carry an ache we woke to rain many a summer day we walked through snow many a winter's eve singing songs to our friends that is how our story ends --- but we were beautiful, dutiful, beauty in pictures a beautiful pair in thought I'm on my own way now I'm alone in the saddest way, I'm alone in the first place there will be a man there, there'll be a gift locked in the pavement I'll dig my way in so alive in my own skin,but still weak in the threading don't know where I'm going don't know what I will see don't know who I'll meet don't know who I'll be I see old photographs these old photographs are haunting me these old photograph sing and speak of the places I've been and the time that I've spent with you, the people that we met and the person I became because of you because of you
there's a farm in the hills with the space you need to comply and conform with the silence a lover's song is a gentle breeze that I am breathing twisted mint, lilac air the cattle roam in the vast of your mind they will follow you all of your life and your heart will comply with the silence other souls are on the search and some substances your piles of rocks, your pile of thoughts heat in the aching sun and you too will cool off when the moon confronts your heart your heart will comply with the silence
I sat in silence I ran through the grass it was taller than I could digest you came upon me and straightened my back you stood a statue, my protector protecting me you laid me down so I could have my rest and I slept fearlessly then posed and apart you asked that I leave you you stood that statue, my pretender I couldn't save you, I ran with the dogs we were dying and I had been lying to myself I laid you down, the thought of us to rest, but our kiss and the ocean-- how could they pretend? we can lay this down, the healing lover's cry save me no longer, just rest here beside me
if you were to leave me forever today our love would remain in this dream-like state of all of the places that we never knew and all of the ways that our love could be true if today you were forever leaving me your eyes and mine would stay bright in my memory of all of the places that we'd never know and all of the land where our love could grow so I bid farewell to the myth of our love, spell out the words, they're imagined like the dream that our love lives in if you were to leave me forever today further down the road I'd look back and blame blame all the places that we couldn't see then open my eyes and see all that's around me the love that surrounds me so I bid farewell to the myth of our love, spell out the words, they're imagined like the dream that our love lives in there's a dream...


Our Love is Imagined // Rachele Eve

"Our Love is Imagined" was devised by Rachele Eve, Wes Lambert, Teddy Rankin-Parker, and Ben "Dirtus" White.

A Special Thanks to Wes Lambert for devoting an unimaginable amount of creativity, finesse, and guidance to this project, and to Ben and Ted for inspiring this album's sound. Your cellos complete these songs. To Tom and Lynn for lending your beautiful space for recording. I'm so glad we could capture the beautiful sounds of Michigan's forest on this record.

And to all of my family, my friends, and my one, this record is for you.


released February 18, 2014

rachele eve // acoustic guitars, vocals, percussion, air organ
teddy rankin-parker // cello
ben "dirtus" white // cello
wes lambert // percussion, electric guitars, auxiliary sounds
rhapsody snyder // harp

All Songs Written by Rachele Eve
Produced by Wes Lambert & Rachele Eve
Engineered by Wes Lambert
Recorded at Minbal in Chicago, IL and Layme Dune in Harbert, Michigan
Mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
Album Photographs by Rachele Eve

(P) ASCAP Mouth of Feathers Publishing
©2014 Rachele Eve


all rights reserved



rachele eve Detroit, Michigan

Rachele Eve confesses universal love ballads until the end of time.

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